Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The tales of Saskiatoonberry and Brynana
As a kid, did you ever leave a best friend behind when your family moved away? Or perhaps you were the friend that was left behind...?

This happened to me in elementary school when my family moved from BC back to Quebec. On that day, my friend Melanie took a picture of me waving to the camera; my big smile surely meant I was oblivious to all that I'd soon be leaving behind.

More recently, I made my own decision as an adult to move my own family from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Even though that was four years ago, I can still feel that clanging in my chest. That aching feeling that there was a whole lot I was leaving behind. This time, not only my own best friend. But my child's best friend.

It's a lot to expect that small children would keep a fledging relationship alive, particularly one that was a mere 5 years young. But to my surprise, the wee girls have kept it going. A letter here, a Skype call there, interspersed with an occasional cross-country jaunt to hug and to play.

You know, they've been apart almost as long as they'd been together. My heart leaps when I recall their baby days, their toddler days, and their preschool days together. Of their untainted memories of each other. Of their unwavering proclamation of "BFFs Forever!" Of the way they ran down the hall to embrace each other, unrestrained, the first time after months apart. And finally, of their tiny voices as they bid a tearful goodbye once more. That stays with me. Always.

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