Monday, July 11, 2011

Peer Pressure

Life can get real muddy sometimes
I have this friend. Let's call him Greg (an ingenious plan, as that is his real name). Greg may not have realized it at the time, but he gave me a reason to come on back to Olivebits. It's called peer pressure.
When I started this blog in early 2010, I had all these grand plans of regular posts, filled with beautiful, artistic, and relevant photography from my brand spankin' new digital SLR. Well, as most people (particularly those with small kids) know, life gets in the way of all purposeful intents. Piano lessons, tae kwon do lessons, drinking-too-much-red-wine-with-dinner lessons, all managed to derail my plans to empty my brain on a regular basis. Soon days became weeks. Weeks became months. Months became a year. All the while there was Greg, peering over the back fence, casually asking when the next blog post was coming. I had every excuse imaginable as to why I had abandoned my "artistic" pursuit, why life gets a little muddy sometimes, and well, damnit Greg, stop harassing me!

All this to say, peer pressure is a wonderful thing. Especially for procrastinators. In a very microscopic way, Olivebits had resonated with someone other than myself. My personal proclamations of love for Winnipeg were reaching others, and well, that felt real nice. It felt like my little part of the web was touching someone else's part of the web, and suddenly this big expanse of a world felt just a little more connected.

So thanks, Greg. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for sharing my Peg-Love with others. Maybe you could ask them to drop me a line sometime. If even just to keep up that peer pressure. You KNOW what a slacker I can be.


Anonymous said...

Tu me fais rire ! J'aime ton style d'écriture et je t'aime, toi, mon amie Sande ! Y en a pas deux comme toi ! Continue !

Greg said...

Amazing as always, Sande.

Sande's husband said...

Mains vers le bas, le meilleur blog jamais créé!