Thursday, January 26, 2012


I grew up on the west coast. As a kid my dad would take me skating at the local arena. Now I really don't think this stands out as a fond memory because I loved to skate; I have a sneaky feeling it had more to do with the post-skate vending machine hot chocolate. Mmm, watery chocolate beverage.

This past weekend, the weather in Winnipeg was freakishly warm. So much so, it prompted me to break my lazy streak and take the family out skating. My son (a chip off the ole ice block) has never shown much of an interest in skating. He was far more interested in keeping his boots on, while  slipping, sliding and prat falling. Clearly, he too was in it for the post-skate watery hot chocolate.

So imagine my surprise this weekend when he happily donned his rented skates. He grabbed his Dad's hand and away they were off down the trail. Before I knew it, he let go. Wobbling, shuffling, and beaming from ear-to-ear, the little guy was off to catch his sister and her buddy. A new love of skating was born! *Insert Proud Parent Pride Here*

Realistically though, I know full well that in his mind, skating was about to be one more thing he could kick his sister's butt at. Oh yes, sibling rivalry is alive and well in Winnipeg.

Post Post-Script: Something you non-Winnipeggers may not know: Winnipeg is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest outdoor skating trail (a whopping 8.5 kms). And, just today, the Toronto Star did a feature story on our architecturally marvellous warming huts ( Winterpeg Rocks!

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Wonderful piece on how to enjoy the gifts of winter and each other.