Friday, March 5, 2010

Old School

Remember that blog when I dreamed about being smart? Well, it's definitely a dream. After I wrote my environmental law exam, I realized, with sadness, my own limitations. Where'd I go wrong? I studied hard. I had beautifully typed and organized notes. I shunned my young children for all things legal.  

Immediately following the exam I sauntered over to the least ageist classmate I could find and sought a little post-trauma empathy. DENIED. Apparently I was mislead. The exam was actually awesome. It was a snap. A piece of frickin' cake. Whaaaaa?  

Maybe online education, instead?
Well, damn you. Damn you and your youthful brains. The one not yet riddled with alzheimer plaque. Damn you and your ability to enjoy the full experience of university. Not having to keep the career in check and the children unscarred and the husband happy and the dog watered and walked. Damn you and your ability to wear stylish clothes in frigid weather and not be hampered by a toque, snowpants, a parka, and mittens (I don't like to be cold, okay?) I know learning is a lifelong pursuit. I know education is an investment. I know they say you're never too old to go back to school. But darlings, I'm telling you, from experience...LIFE experience...that yes Virginia, there is a limit. One's vanity in the face of youth is the variable they never discuss. Going back for a PhD in your 40s may be okay. Finishing off an undergrad? Well, I might suggest online education for you.

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