Monday, January 25, 2010

Bison or Buffalo - Delish No Matter What Ya Call It

Since I want you to visit me in got me thinking about the prairies. And about the history. About the first inhabitants of the land and their relationship with the bison of the plains. Then I felt hungry. Somebody mentions 'bison' and I start salivating. For a bison burger. Yep. Buffalo-on-a-Bun. 
Served up at Winnipeg's Buffalo Stone Cafe (, this big ole sloppy beauty is enough to make any vegetarian reconsider their dining options. The drool-inducing photo is courtesy of my pal Kiki who faithfully visits the Peg each Fall. The thing I really like about this burger is that it's local. Now, I don't know if by local they mean they walk into the large pasture and grab a bison, but the cafe is located at this beautiful environmental refuge (Fort Whyte Alive) in the middle of the city. The chef comes up with ingenious and delicious uses for local foods ( And he's awfully nice to your kids if they get stung by a wasp ("Thanks, Peter"And for you word nerds out there: 'Buffalo' is the popular name often used to describe North American bison; however, this is a misnomer. In fact, buffalo are distinctly different animals from bison. Although both bison and buffalo belong to the same family, Bovidae, true 'buffalo' are native only to Africa and Asia. (

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