Monday, January 25, 2010

Prairie Blizzards Inspire Creativity

My first post. My first prairie blizzard. Coincidental? Well, considering I'm not entirely stupid the decision was easy: lose my face to 70 km/h north death winds or waste precious time finding an audience for my incessant rambling. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy. The blizzard amounts turned out to be less dramatic than I envisioned, but the howling winds were kinda cool. Then again, sometimes I'm less dramatic than I envisioned, but my kids are kinda cool.
As for other storms and squalls of life, my good pal Margie ( told me some things the other day which made me reflect. On life. On love. On Things that Suck. So I shook the apathy out of my hair and decided to share my babble with the universe. If public displays of insecurity cause you to experience facial tics, perhaps this is not your blog. Well, it's not YOUR blog, it's mine. But no sense wasting your time.


Margie aka Mel said...

Oooh Patsy....I'm sooo excited that you're doing this. You can tell just how excited I am by my extra use of o's!! Thank you for your sweet nod to me and my blog as well...self esteem level today - good. Tomorrow...who knows? But ain't that just the reason to rise everyday...that fantastical mystery of not knowing. Looking forward to reading all that your head has to offer.
Love and mild weather, Margie. xo

niki said...

Hey Sande, welcome to the blogoverse!
Look forward to reading your thoughts....
(confident AND insecure, how does THAT work exactly?)
Blizzards are the one weather-related thing that i miss from living on the east coast-enjoy!

Olivebits said...

That's my allure: Confident and Insecure. You'll never know when I'll cry or punch you.